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  • Hello, and thank you for visiting my site. 

    Meditation for me keeps me calm, helps me more easily compartmentalise things in my mind and is an integral part of my life.  I can fully recommend it for everyone.

    I am passionate and enjoy all aspects of Pilates, Nutrition, and Meditation,  I think the three combined are a perfect recipe for overall wellness. 

    Life is busy, and with more and more demands on ourselves to juggle so many different plates, there is never a better time to invest in your own wellbeing.

    I have always been interested in wellness and helping people, and the skills that I have learnt has meant that I have been able to help people either through the Pilates I teach or through Nutritional Therapy and Meditation forms part of this wellness package.

    I successfully gained a distinction in my Meditation Teaching training, and have practiced meditation for a number of years. I am very excited to be able to pass on what I have learned to others, to enhance peoples lives, which in today's world where stress is in abundance is very important.

    Please see a list of my qualifications below (not including my life experience of course:)

    Natasha Rushton

    Pilates and Meditation Teacher

    Bsc (Hons) Applied Consumer Science, Manchester Metropolitan University

    Diploma (L5) in Nutritional Therapy

    Diploma in Teaching Mat Pilates (L3) 

    Diploma in Teaching Meditation, The British School of Meditation (Distinction)

    Websites: www.thesmilingmind.com, www.nrgizepilates.com, www.nrgizedmum.com

    Email: Natasha@nrgizpilates.com

    Diploma in Freelance Journalism, The British College of Journalism

  • Natasha Rushton

    Bsc (Hons) Dip NT, Dip Mat Pilates (L3), Dip FJ, Dip BSom


    Dip Bsom- Mindful Meditation Teacher

    As a Mindful Meditation teacher, I have been trained through the British School of Meditation, where I gained their Nationally recognized externally accredited Diploma, with Ofqual recognition. I received their highest award of distinction. It was important for me to gain a fully recognized qualification within meditation to further enhance my practice and learn the benefits and techniques of this amazing practice to teach others.


    Bsc (Hons) Dip NT

    I intially started my nutrition journey after my A-levels and studied for a degree in Applied Consumer Science, I then worked in other industries instead of going into Dietetics which at the time didn’t appeal to me. Years later I re-visited my Nutrition and gained my 2 year diploma in Nutritional Therapy, enabling me to work as a Nutritional Therapist, recognised by BANT.¬†http://bant.org.uk.


    Dip Teaching Mat Pilates (L3)

    My love of exercise, and a bad back, made me want to gain a teaching qualification to teach others the benefits of Pilates. I like to think of Pilates as moving meditation, that also helps your back, gives you a stronger core and re-aligns your body.

    Pilates truly is one of the best things you can do for physical and mental health and everyone should practice it, whatever your age. I offer a number of classes throughout Jersey, you can see my full timetable and more about Pilates on my other website www.NRgizepilates.com.


    Dip Freelance Journalism

    My love of writing led me to want to gain a greater understanding of professional writing. I love to write in my blog www.nrgizedmum.com and other publications. If you would like me to write for your company, blog or other publication or service then please get in touch.